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Tech Write For Us!

If you like to keep updated about the latest tech news or trends, we are sure that you must be suffering through your jeeebrowser every day because, well, technology never stops updating! We at Tiny Tech provide a platform for such tech-savvy individuals to always know what’s happening in the technical world out there! Our audience is always up for an update, and that’s what gives an opportunity for all tech companies out there to add their guest-post to our platform! 

Not just that, but at technology write for us, we call out to all those writers who aim to build their published portfolios by creating technical content. We will help you write tech articles and give you a chance to explore your passion in terms of writing! Our tech publication is all for those who love and sell tech! For more contact us at

Not Your Usual Writing Format!

When it comes to writing for tech publications like Tech write for us, is different from writing your usual content. It requires you to be a little more enthusiastic so that you can create content that can directly hit your targetted audience! If you want us to display your content on our platform, then you need to think out of the box and create content that is not just for the techies but for all who visit our blog! 

Why We Are Your Best Choice To Add Your Guest Post?

If you are a business looking for reach or a writer looking to make a portfolio, the best way to do it is through guest posting. It allows you to market your business or promote your content on a larger platform and reach out to a greater audience. So, if you are looking for platforms where you can write a guest post, Technology write for us is your best option! We are eagerly waiting for good writers who possess the ability to write good content, and in return, we will help them promote themselves and their businesses through our websites and social media!

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Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started!

If you are new to guest posting, we are sure you must have a lot of questions in your mind, from how to what! While you will keep on learning things with every step that you will take, we have some tips you can use to get started; 

Show Off Your Abilities

Through your pieces, you need to show off your knowledge and abilities to work on the niche you have selected. However, what most writers do is start listing down articles using tech language, which is extremely wrong as most people don’t understand a word of it. You need to use and describe the information in a way that it may seem like you know your stuff well.

Stories Not Textbooks

You might think that since it is technical content, you need to add information and make this article full of technical terms. Well, keep in mind that you are not writing a textbook chapter here. You need to write a story that could grab your reader’s attention!

Write Simple Yet Effective

You don’t need to select a complex topic and gather all the complicated information on it to create a better guest post. Instead, all you need to do is present a topic in a simple form so that even beginners can know what you are talking about! That’s what actually makes a good guest post!

Benefits of Technology Blog Write For Us!

Generate More Leads And Sales

If you are wondering what’s in it for you, take a look through the benefits that you will have in return;

Boost Your Traffic

The Tech write for us guest post will provide you with an opportunity to promote your business by connecting with a larger audience. This will directly result in increased traffic on your webpage.

A Better Ranking on Search Engine

When writing a guest post on Technology write for us, we allow you to add your website link to the content, which then gets published on our blog. This will help you increase your notability on the web, which will boost your ranking on search engines! And as you know, a better search engine ranking means better growth!

How To Post Your Article At Tech Write For Us?

Now, we are sure you must be wondering how you get to post your article on our platform. Instead of taking you through a bunch of steps, we simply ask you to email us your resume and writing samples at our official email. If we like your samples and find your abilities relatable to the work we publish, we will ask you to submit your guest post to us with the rules followed. Once that’s done, you can simply see your article flourishing on our site!

What Articles Do We Accept?

At Tech write for us, as the name suggests, we accept tech-related articles. Here are a few ideas that you can work around in your guest post;

  • Some Tips and Tricks
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Mobile Trends
  • Accessories and Fashion (technological)
  • New Ways to Use Technology
  • Listings of Top 10s and 20s
  • Some shortcuts for programs and tools
  • Latest technological updates!

Some Important Rules & Guidelines to Keep In Mind!

Just like every guest posting platform, we have some rules and guidelines that we ask everyone to follow. Take a look at them and make sure to include them in your articles; 

  • Your post must be well-structured, error-free, and must not contain any plagiarism.
  • If you add a promotional link, keep in mind that it is going to be a nofollow!
  • Your post must be written using the correct grammar and spelling.
  • Do not add spam links to your content.


  • Your article length must be up to 1000 words and must have at least 2-3 images.
  • The images you are adding must be free from all copyright claims.
  • You must do internal linking in your article linking it to our related or previous blogs.

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